Episode 005 – Finding Your Niche and Standing Out (and 5 niches you’ve probably never thought about)

In their podcast episode, massage therapists Jackie and David explore intriguing niches within their profession. From aiding pre and post-surgical clients to assisting those with joint replacements, addressing trauma in children and adults, supporting individuals with neurological conditions, and optimizing athletes’ and performers’ training, they discuss unique opportunities for therapeutic expertise. By embracing these niches, massage therapists can provide specialized care and empower clients on their unique health journeys. The episode offers insights into the diverse ways massage therapy can enhance well-being, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the field.

Episode 001: Introducing Folding Towels

So how did you start your day today? You know … folding a bunch of towels!

You know how it is! Well this is exciting … we are your hosts of the Folding Towels Podcast and this is our very first episode! And we thought we should probably share with you, our beautiful colleagues, a little bit about ourselves. So this is us … Jackie Kerin and David Clayton, two massage therapists in Adelaide who’ve been massaging for quite a while now. We met over a massage table. And one thing we are passionate about is real talk from real therapists talking about real things. We bring to you … Folding Towels.

Episode 000: Introducing Folding Towels

Welcome to The Folding Towels Podcast. Jackie and David are two massage therapists in Adelaide Australia, discussing all the things they didn’t tell you about in massage school.